Do you want to improve your performance, feel healthier and fitter, or shed a few pounds? No problem! 10-week program, 1 session per week, From 0 to 5 kilometers! In this course, we guide you with expertise and joy into the world of running. With the right technique, you’ll strengthen your muscles, enhance endurance, and relieve tensions and stress. Coordination and strength exercises complete the training session. After your session, unwind and relax in our spa area. You can book the following training sessions with us, either as a subscription or single training


Daniel Diaconescu

Personal Trainer

Dualer Student Bachelor of Arts Fitnesswissenschaft und Fitnessökonomie (6/8 Semester).
A-Lizenz Personal Training (Ist-Hochschule Düsseldorf).
A-Lizenz Medizinisches Fitnesstraining (Ist-Hochschule Düsseldorf).
A-Lizenz Functional Training (Ist-Hochschule Düsseldorf).
B-Lizenz Fitness Trainer (Ist-Hochschule Düsseldorf).

 For any inquiries regarding our yoga course, we are available both in writing and by phone. You can send us a message or call us at the number 0211/16092864. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • 10 Units 95 €
  • 6 Units 65 €
  • 3 Units 35 €