Our extensive massage programme gives you the opportunity to take a time out from stressful daily routine, to find new energy and bring your body, spirit and soul into harmony.We offer you a wide range of massages that are tailored to your personal needs and interests.
Take the time and relax after a long and busy day or start your day with a soothing massage and get all the energy you need!
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Aroma oil massage

Muscles & senses pampering massage. A wellness pleasure that combines the well-being of a massage and the effects of essential oils in a special form. Relief from stress, tension and mental depression. Aromatic massage uses warm essential oils. No oil resembles the other, and every essential oil is a fragrance personality with certain modes of action.


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Full body massage

The massage is one of the oldest remedies and is used for the mechanical influence of the skin, connective tissue and musculature by stretching, tensile and compressive stress. The most important effects of the classical massage are increased circulation, relaxation of the muscles, dissolving of adhesions and scars, Pain relief and improvement of tissue metabolism.


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Tibetan back massage

The Tibetan massage has its origin in the monasteries of Tibet and is there by Tibetan monks. It is a very gentle form of back massage. The essence of the Tibetan massage lies in the quality of the touch. By the particularly gentle, almost meditative, kind of strokes with warm oil, tensions and hardenings in the body can dissolve. This oil massage is a gentle method to relieve stress, and to find more serenity, deep relaxation and rest..


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Foot & Leg massage

The classic foot and leg massage is an extremely soothing and powerful massage. It relaxes the muscles, stimulates the blood flow and eliminates the feeling of “heavier” legs.


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